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Now Neem Oil: The Treatment for Your Acne Prone Skin

Neem is a remarkable gift that has been offered by nature. The oil from this plant is a significant part of Ayurveda. This is oil is commonly available and is known to have some amazing benefits. It has some medicinal properties which make it a natural solution to many infections. It has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and anti-fungal properties. NOW Neem Oil has become very popular and is extensively used.


Why should You Choose to Use NOW Neem oil?

This is authentic and pure neem oil. It is solvent-free and cold-pressed from among wild crafted neem. It is natural, nourishing, and mild. As a matter of fact, it is rich in fatty acid and comprises of some therapeutic properties. People have used this product and have greatly enjoyed the incredible benefits of it. Some such benefits of the product have been mentioned below.


· Being rich in anti-oxidant, it provided protection to your skin from any environmental damage. It also has carotenoids which protect skin against free radicals. It is also rich in fatty acid and vitamin.


· If you are suffering from acne then this the perfect oil for the treatment. It also has a compound which is somewhat similar to aspirin which helps in reducing redness and inflammation.


· People suffer from the problem of eczema because of some genetic disorders. Being rich in vitamin E and fatty acid, it provides moisture to the skin by penetrating the outer layer.


· People suffering fungal infection can use this. This performs the role of an anti-fungal agent.

· It acts as a skin conditioner and can keep your skin moisturized for a longer period of time.


· The oil is the best pigmentation killer and can thereby improve your skin condition.

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